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  • Laura M

    A dark chocolate oasis well-worth a visit. The chocolate is some of the best I've had and the design of the space itself was just sublime. They offer an array of delicious coffees and teas to complement their chocolate tasting in a chic courtyard setting.

    The chocolate itself is a luxury product, well-crafted and incredibly smooth, offering a wonderful sensory experience for those lucky enough to try some. The service was top-notch and there are a ton of different flavors to sample. Highly recommend making the trip to this hidden gem

  • John Russell

    A fabulous experience at Sorga Bali Chocolate. A lovely walk to reach the factory and showroom. Our reward was a delicious chocolate tasting and excellent coffee. The chocolate is ethically harvested and made from organic ingredients. The product supports local farmers. The staff were friendly and informative. Well worthwhile!

  • Dia Purnama Sari

    Was amazing trip and experienced .
    Im big fans of chocholate , the experience It’s really fun and show us how the Chocholate made from the bean to the yummy chocolate .

    We had breakfast also there.
    Yummy food, coffe was perfect, Frendly staff , and my favorit Home Made ice cream coconut milk chocholate is super .

    Definitely recommended .

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Cocoa Guardian Program

The Sorga Cocoa Guardian Program is not merely a philanthropic endeavor; it's a holistic approach that integrates sustainability into every facet of our business. By protecting farmers, educating future generations, and empowering our cocoa-producing partners, we aim to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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