Empowering Farmers, Redefining Dark Chocolate

Empowering Farmers, Redefining Dark Chocolate

Supporting Local Cocoa Farmers, Redefining Dark Chocolate! 

Did you know that Sorga Chocolate, one of the oldest chocolate companies in Bali, has been a champion of sustainable cocoa farming and supporting local farmers for a decade? As we take a moment to reflect on our journey, we are excited to share our vision for the future of dark chocolate and how we plan to create a lasting legacy in the industry.

Quality & Challenges:

Sorga Chocolate has always been driven by a relentless pursuit of quality. However, marketing our delectable creations has been an ongoing challenge, compounded by a management change in 2019 and the unforeseen impact of the global pandemic. But rest assured; we have not wavered in our dedication to crafting exquisite chocolates that ignite the senses.

Setting Ourselves Apart:

Supporting farmers has become a common practice in the chocolate industry, but at Sorga, we refuse to settle for "just another brand." Our mission is to inspire the youth and cultivate a sense of boldness and innovation in everything we do. We aspire to be more than a company that does good – we strive to be a brand that future generations will associate with exceptional dark chocolates.

A New Chapter Begins:

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we are committed to maintaining our support for farmers and sustainable practices. However, we want to go beyond expectations and captivate chocolate enthusiasts with our unique essence. Sorga Chocolate aims to create an extraordinary chocolate experience, one that not only satisfies your taste buds but also transports you to a world of cherished memories.

Join Our Chocolate Revolution:

We invite you to join us on our chocolate revolution, where indulgence and sustainability go hand in hand. Expect thrilling updates, innovative product releases, and captivating collaborations as we redefine the dark chocolate landscape. Together, let's shape a future where exceptional flavors and responsible business practices harmonize seamlessly.

Stay tuned for irresistible delights, delightful surprises, and a journey that promises to delight your senses and make you fall in love with chocolate all over again.

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