Collection: Sorga Chocolate Activities

Get ready for a chocolate-filled journey like no other at SORGA Chocolate! Our activities offer a blend of education, exploration, and indulgence that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the art of chocolate making.

Factory Tour Highlights:

  • Guided Factory Tour: Step into our artisanal chocolate factory and discover the magic behind crafting our exquisite chocolates. Our guides will unveil the secrets of the chocolate-making process.

  • Chocolate Tasting Extravaganza: Embark on a sensory adventure as you taste our premium dark chocolate varieties. Explore the nuances of flavor, texture, and aroma that make SORGA Chocolate truly exceptional.

  • Chocolate Pairing Delights: Experience the art of chocolate pairing as we introduce you to unique combinations of our dark chocolate with locally sourced ingredients. It's a delightful exploration of flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling.

  • Discover SORGA's Legacy: Dive into the history and heritage of SORGA Chocolate. Learn about our dedication to ethical cacao sourcing and our commitment to producing the finest dark chocolate. Understand why SORGA Chocolate stands out in the world of artisanal chocolates.

  • Exclusive Voucher: Each participant receives an exclusive Factory Store Voucher, granting access to our Factory Store with a special discount.

Chocolate Crafting Class Highlights:

  • Guided Chocolate Factory Tour: Explore our Bali chocolate factory and dive deep into the chocolate-making process. Our expert chocolatiers will unveil the secrets behind crafting our delectable chocolates.

  • Welcome Drink and Snack: Begin your adventure with a warm welcome and a delightful snack to set the mood.

  • SORGA Chocolate History: Learn about the rich history and production of cacao at SORGA Chocolate, deepening your connection to our brand.

  • Hands-On Chocolate Making: Roll up your sleeves and get creative with our hands-on chocolate making experience. Under the guidance of our chocolatiers, create your own chocolate masterpieces.

  • Chocolate Tasting Experience: Indulge in a chocolate tasting session featuring our finest dark chocolate varieties. Savor the flavors and textures that make SORGA Chocolate extraordinary.

  • Take Home Your Creations: Your chocolate creations are yours to take home and share with family and friends, a sweet reminder of your SORGA adventure.

  • Special Chocolate Shop Voucher: As a token of our appreciation, each participant will receive a special Chocolate Shop Voucher for exclusive discounts.